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About Jermaine Hagan – The Founder

I founded Kai Money to share my own life tips & money guides with normal people. I want to give the world the information they need to know to improve their lives, in a simple, engaging and digital way!

All the content on Kai Money is my own opinion and written for my two Kings Kai & Kian to read, understand and use to grow their own Empires.

Our Current Audience


We currently reach an audience of over 100,000 engaged people over all of our digital channels.


Our audience is primarily located in the United Kingdom as the bulk of guides I provide relate to my experience being the the UK. A number of guides can be used across most countries that adopt capitalist principles.


Primary Age Group: 25 to 34 Years Old – Engaged Young Professionals

Secondary Age Group: 19 to 24 Years Old – Millennials


People are engaged with the information that I share because I create it for normal people, everyone. The key mission of Kai Money is to bring life improvement guides to the masses so they can have the tools to build their own empires.

Our audience understands & engages with this mission. This is why they love us.

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If you have a product or service that you feel will offer clear value to our audience, get in touch using the contact form below. Note that we only write about products and services that actually ADD VALUE.

We will not be paid to promote products or services that do not make the life of our audience better.

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