How To Open A Business Bank Account In 15 Minutes?


I remember trying to open my first business bank account.

It was a joke.

I had to go into the bank branch, queue up only to put my name on a list for a scruffy guy called Alex to call me 4 days later and tell me his earliest appointment was in 3 weeks.

Yep an absolute joke.

When you’re starting a business you don’t want to wait 3/4 weeks until you make your first sale.

You want to get going!

Starting a business is hard enough without having to fight to open a bank account.

The great thing is, now that’s all changed!

It’s crazy, you can open a new business account in less than 15 minutes on your phone, whilst sitting on the toilet.

This is why I love the new business banking apps. All you need is:

  • Your ID
  • Company Number if your a limited company
  • Your office address

A few clicks and one awkward selfie verification later (off the toilet) and you’ve got the new business bank account that you need.

My Favourite Business Banking Apps

Starling Business Account
Award-Winning Business Bank Account

Pretty much what is says on the tin: an award-winning business bank account for limited companies and other registered businesses; one with world-class features that save you time and money while you run the show.

Revolut Business Account
Great for International Businesses

If you do business across multiple countries getting a free Revolut business account is a pretty good shout. All you need to do is download the app & sign up. It's full of cool features like unique bank accounts for individual currencies.

Tide Business Account
Open An Account in 15 Minutes

I'm a big fan of Tide. They pretty much make it effortless to open up a new bank account for your business. All you need is a phone and the app. It's doesn't get much better. Oh..and it's free app!

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