Top Tips for Renting a House


So you’re thinking of renting a new house or apartment? I’ve put together a quick guide of my tips for anyone looking to rent a new house or flat:

Take a Little Bit of Time to Do Some Research

Make a list of the top 5 things you are looking for in any new area that you move to. This could be:

  • Close to work
  • Next to a tube/train station
  • Good schools
  • Good bars
  • Local Gym

Once you have your list, jump online & research a few areas that you would like to live in and see if the houses in the areas meet a few of the items on your list.

Take Your Time Looking Around

There are so many places to find the perfect new home, so don’t just walk into your local estate agent as all they want to do is charge you fees!

Check out some of these sites:

Negotiate on Price

It’s called the rental market for a reason, you’ve got to treat it like a market & negotiate to get the best price!

Imagine you get just £100 off the rent each month, you will instantly be saving £1,200 a year. All for asking one question. It’s amazing and you would be a fool not to do it!

Make a Full List of Everything Inside The Flat & Take Pictures

Sometimes Landlords & Estate Agents get greedy, try to take you for a bit of a fool & think they can keep your deposit. Now I’m no fool & you’re no fool so there is no way we are going to let that happen!

All you need to do is write a full list of everything in your new house & it’s condition. Then take a picture of everything, yes everything.

Keep this safe as when you move out you’ll be using this to get 100% of your deposit back.

No questions, no awkward conversions, just all my cash back please.

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