What Are The Different Types of Bank Accounts?


There are a couple different types of bank accounts, and it’s pretty important to pick the right type.

I’m going to quickly fly through some of the different types of bank accounts & recommend a few bank accounts for each type.

App Based Bank Accounts

In my opinion, app based bank accounts are amazing! We’re talking about the ability to open up a new bank account in 5 minutes on your phone.

That’s gold.

No more trips to the branch, bringing your I.D & proof of address. None of that rubbish.

Best App Bank Accounts

Student Bank Accounts

You can get some pretty good deals with student bank accounts, we’re talking about bonus cash, 0% overdrafts, railcards and all sorts of great offers if you’re a student.

Best Student Bank Accounts

Basic Bank Accounts

These accounts are really easy to open and are perfect for people with poor credit. All you need is basic ID & you are good to go!

Best Basic Bank Accounts

Packaged Current Accounts

Packaged bank accounts are pretty cool, you usually pay a monthly fee and in return you get some pretty good rewards like cinema tickets, phone insurance & cashback.

Best Packaged Bank Accounts

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